Raw Deal

The Real America

Life is good in America. But every so often someone has the misfortune of falling through the cracks. That’s where Raw Deal comes in. We explore the issues facing modern America by telling the stories of those who have endured misfortune and injustice. Join us each week in this powerful series as we traverse America uncovering the incredible stories about the real America!

In this documentary style show our host guides us through the stories to get at the heart of the issue. Whether it’s a Repo-Man whose entire career was ruined by a corrupt cop, a recording Artist who lost millions due to a crooked agent, or an undercover FBI agent whose cover was blown by his own superiors, the variety of stories are endless!

After we learn the history, that’s when the real storytelling begins. The host tracks down and confronts the other parties to acknowledge the error of their ways. Watch the drama unfold when our storytellers encounter their adversary to get some restitution and closure.

After covering the circumstances of the “Raw Deal” and confronting the cause, our host will help get our subject’s life back on track. Each “Raw Deal” storyteller receives personalized assistance to help them right past wrongs. We give people a voice and then the tools to turn their Raw Deal into an unexpected opportunity.

Our successful first season began as a web series, where increased viewership and sponsor support led to expanding its second season to include local network programming. Since at its core, Raw Deal is about helping people, our next goal is getting nationwide on larger networks to help as many people as we can.

We will travel from the boardrooms of Wall Street to the border patrol in Texas, from the militias in Missouri to the meat packing districts in Philadelphia. Week after week Raw Deal will bring the voice of the underdog to the nation’s attention!

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